No additional invoices?

To make legal aid accessible to everyone, we offer legal subscriptions. Rather than billing our clients on an hourly basis for the time spent answering questions, we charge a flat monthly rate and our clients get extensive access to legal aid. In short, we offer a different approach to providing legal services.

“First-line” legal aid

The core of the legal subscription is access to our legal aid through unlimited “quick questions” (by e-mail or phone). Of course, within reason (about 15 minutes). If you have a legal question and we can answer your question within the call or e-mail, it’s included in the subscription. You don’t have to worry about extra costs or additional invoices.

Discount for “second-line” legal aid

If a question can’t be answered easily, for example if a question requires additional research time, we offer 20% discount on our hourly rate. All our “second-line” services will be billed at the discounted rate.

These are two advantages of our legal subscription. Furthermore, the legal subscription gives you free and unlimited debt collection service and we can jointly evaluate your business operations at your request (once a year).